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Rick Duncanson was a longtime Windham firefighter and EMT who passed away unexpectedly on December 10, 2012. He dedicated his life to the EMS department and served as a lieutenant in the fire department. He served Windham as a call firefighter and EMT since 1986 and was known for his dedication. Rick started in the department when it was an all-volunteer unit. Most calls he went on would be unpaid, unlike today when call firefighters receive an hourly wage and travel expenses. According to Chief Charlie Hammond, Duncanson didn’t do the job for the money but for the satisfaction he received by coming to the aid of the community, especially when it came to medical calls. Rick thought of himself as a mentor to the new members of the department. He started in the department and learned by doing and watching others, versus the new generation who must complete classroom courses before earning a spot in the department.

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